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Nigerian designer Alphadi: “It is about time for Africans to understand the creative industry”

Written by Amal Asebriy

The famous Nigerian designer and creator of the International Festival of Fashion in Africa (FIMA) Alphadi has unveiled his book, “20 ans de mode en Afrique” (20 years of Fashion in Africa) on June 13th in Casablanca.  

Alphadi was present in Casablanca on June 13th at a press conference to present his latest book “20 years of Fashion in Africa”. A book conceived with the help of Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of the UNESCO, to “educate the younger generation about  African fashion”, said Alphadi. ” It is about time for Africans to understand the creative industry,” he stressed passionately.

 “We must consume African products to combat poverty”  

The so-called “desert magician” also took the time to present the upcoming special 12th edition of FIMA that will take place from July 4 to 7 in Niamey, in light of the 33rd Summit of Heads of State of the African Union. The theme being: “Industry and creativity, a new dynamic towards African integration”.

“Africa is a wonderful Continent,” Alphadi continued with even more enthusiasm and passion, revealing his long struggle to highlight the wealth of so many African countries and help provide work -through the fashion industry- to a sometimes idle youth. “The fight goes on. Fashion can save us,” he added, because “even if many creators plunder our continent, Africa still has an exceptional potential of creativity”. In the world of fashion, this probably counts even more than elsewhere.

Moreover, Alphadi stressed on the fact that Pan-African politicians are ambassadors of their countries, thus, they must “dress in an African style and set an example so that all the young people become proud of our culture and our traditions.”  He went on to state King Mohammed VI as an example of endorsing African fashion.  Hopefully, he can convince them collectively on July 7th, the last night of FIMA, where the heads of states will be gathered for the African Union night.