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Nadia Chellaoui upholds the chic subtleness in latest collection IRIS

Written by Amal Asebriy

Nadia Chellaoui’s new collection ‘IRIS’ was unveiled at Barcelo Anfa Casablanca’s magnificent Palma Lounge on February 13, with the ‘Afterworks’ meeting completely taking up a fashion and creation twist.

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the multidisciplinary artist, Nadia Chellaoui  launched the much awaited Iris purse, another variation of her know-how and her vision of art and fashion.

In the presence of several guests, the media and influencers, the artist-designer thus, took the opportunity to present IRIS, but also to exhibit other fashion items and accessories, all inspired by her paintings and her multiple creative universes.

A cozy atmosphere, relaxed and happy vibes, super classy setting, … everything made for an unforgettable evening. The interior prepared for this purpose gave a taste of the Valentine’s Day celebration organized on February 14 at the Barcelo Anfa Casablanca.

In the same setting, we stole a few moments from the designer to talk about this new addition.

Your previous collection ‘Calips’oh’  was met with much success, what’s the novelty in IRIS?

With my ‘Calips’oh’ bag, the inspiration came from the face in my paintings and the idea was to highlight embroidery and cubic shapes. And since we can’t please everyone with a face like that,  we had to create something more discreet to draw in a larger customer base while keeping the identity of the brand namely the embroidery and the geometric shapes, as well as the face but in a more discreet and more practical manner.

What’s the flagship item in IRIS?

I would say that the collection’s most important item is the Thali’Ah fanny pack, and the Iris purse. One for the evenings and the other for both mornings and evenings, with the face underneath the eyelets and the shoulder straps

Do you think about broadening your creative spectrum by including ready-to-wear items?

I prefer to specialize in leather goods for the moment. We had previously attempted scarves but it was not easy. This realm is already so big.

And what about going international?

Indeed, I am currently targeting the export, I am already established in the Printemps stores of the French Riviera and soon I will be at the Printemps store in Marseille. And I intend to expand in all the big stores in France like Galerie La Fayette …

You are an artist painter and now a designer, how do you identify yourself?

I identify myself mainly as an artist painter because I have a big team of designers behind me who put up with my creative folies and my visions. I prefer it that way.

The Nadia Chellaoui collection is stocked exclusively in-store in Casablanca and Paris.