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Nadia Chellaoui and Meriem Biche Lorente launch a social project in the Essaouira region

Written by FDM

Here is a great social and cultural action to applaud. Nadia Chellaoui and Meriem Biche Lorente have just launched a social project in the Essaouira region. The details.

It is the region of Essaouira, dear to the heart of designer Nadia Chellaoui and work area of Meriem Biche Lorente, president of the association Moussanada (Support), which was chosen for the launch of this solidarity project. Through the partnership between these two passionate crafts, a boost is given to the association’s young girls. The laters are called upon to hand-embroider the new model of the Label Chellaoui bags in raffia and in the colors of Morocco and Africa.

This solidarity action which aims to help the young girls of the association will also highlight a flagship material of the region, namely raffia. “It is my way as an artist to show my love for my country with concrete social action which is above all long-term. I want to make my contribution by supporting the exceptional work already done by Meriem Biche Lorente”, explains the multidisciplinary artist Nadia Chellaoui. A beautiful dynamic is set in motion.