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Moschino under fire for a collection tackling Trump’s immigration policies

Written by FDM

Moschino is receiving backlash for launching their new collection dubbed “Alien Nation”, which is inspired by Trump’s strict immigration policies.

It’s no secret that fashion designers have, by now, found solid ground in taking on political events to inspire their creations. Way to keep their production going and elicit easy communication. These references however are not always welcomed, and it often happens that they end up sparking backlash, like the latest Moschino collection.

Artistic director, Jeremy Scott, triggered quite a controversy by posting on Instagram a snap starring Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber of the new collection called “Alien Nation”. “The only thing illegal about this alien is how good she looks,” read the caption which has since been removed according to The Independent.

The designer’s aim was “to highlight the Trump administration’s severe approach towards who he calls “illegal aliens”, but the fashion designer’s concept has been heavily criticized by social media users as exploitative and insensitive to issues facing US migrants.” said the same source.

In his defense, Jeremy Scott explained: ” The concept of my ad campaign is to bring attention to the US administration’s harsh stance towards ‘Illegal Alien” and “open a discussion on what exactly an ‘alien’ is.”  The new version reads:

However, this correction did not ease the outrage, considering the people -commenting- who would have liked a little more sensitivity on his part. “Want to start a debate around the immigration policy of Donald Trump, it’s good, do it with those who are the victims, it’s better,” said one user. The reactions varied between those who appreciate the aesthetic and the message, and those who consider this campaign as “ignorant” and “insensitive”.