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Moroccan startup Ito shakes up the eyewear industry

Written by FDM

The new player in town ITO is the first eyewear brand in the world to use the AR (Augmented reality) filters on Instagram for people to virtually try on their entire collection.

ITO, a new player in the eyewear industry has just launched in Morocco its highly anticipated collection. It consists of 23 models, each available in 3 or 4 different colors. Ranging from square, rectangular, aviator, butterfly, or round frames, to offer a model for every taste.

Most frames are available in prescripted and shades versions, which makes up a very versatile collection. The frames are intended for millennials who are unafraid to stray away from traditions, socially engaged, and for whom style is important.

What makes the new brand even more interesting is the price range. Unlike its competitors, ito is introducing its high-end glasses at prices ranging from 550 -1050 DH. The innovative brand designs its own glasses and sells them directly online on, thus, skipping the additional costs of suppliers, distributors, and opticians resellers.

“After realizing that there is no reason for glasses to be so expensive, I thought why not create a new business model,” said Mehdi Mkinsi founder of ito. “We can cut the whole chain of intermediaries and sell them for less than 1000 dirhams and still be a very profitable business.”

Moreover, ito has a completely unique approach with its cool virtual trial on Instagram which allows you to try the frames and share it on your stories. It’s an exciting mix between technology and fun which adds a real touch to online shopping and minimizes the need to leave home (ideal during Corona lockdown).

ito is the first digital eyewear brand in Africa and the Middle East to sell directly to their customers, making it the region’s Warby Parker. The brand plans to open a shop in the near future.

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