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Moroccan hat designer Youssef Lahlou, styles Cookie Lyon in Empire  

Written by FDM

The main character of renowned TV show Empire, Cookie Lyon, appeared in the season 4 finale wearing the 24k boa hat in red created by Moroccan designer Youssef Lahlou.

In the last episode of season 4 of ‘Empire’, Cookie Lyon played by the talented Taraji Henson appears wearing a hat signed Youssef Lahlou. The young designer has also shared with pride an excerpt from the episode where Cookie is wearing the famous hat on Instagram.

Creative, original and addicted to hats, Youssef Lahlou is a Moroccan talent based in the United States. The designer, born in Casablanca, launched his brand in New York in 2017 and it is already a success. Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Madonna hed already borne these head pieces. Youssef Lahlou gives total freedom to his imagination, designing unique pieces made of felt decorated with jewels in 24K gold plating, crystals of Swarovski, metal or resin.

In September 2017 , The young Moroccan signed with celebrity stylist B.akerlund, known to dress the most influential stars, like Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez, to present all of his collection in her exclusive showroom “The Residency” , one of the most popular spots in Los Angeles.