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Moroccan designer Karim Adduchi team up with refugees to pay tribute to the Amazigh heritage

Written by FDM

Moroccan fashion designer Karim Adduchi teamed up with school children in Amsterdam and refugees from Aleppo for his upcoming collection this fall 2017 in homage to his Amazigh heritage.

Amsterdam based fashion designer Karim Adduchi is still attached to his Amazigh roots as ever.  Everything that he has created has had his Amazigh heritage as the main inspiration. He is currently wrapping up his third, avant-garde rather than ready-to-wear collection, for Fall 2017. A continuation of his first two dubbed She Has 99 Names and came to existence with the help of Syrian refugees.

For his upcoming collection, Adduchi  worked with woodworkers and metalworkers to create the handcrafted designs, using rich fabrics and materials sourced from Morocco, as reported by Vogue Arabia. “I feel connected to people who might have that same sense of hanging on to their stories and identity in a way of yearning. This is why I decided to collect stories of refugees during my research for the next collection.” he said addressing the Syrian refugee crisis. “With the current crisis leaving so many people without a homeland to return to, I want to add what I can to the lives of people who have lost everything and need to start over,” he continued.

Living in Amsterdam since 2010, Adduchi studied fashion at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, to then graduate in 2014 and become part of the Netherlands’ fashion scene. However, the Moroccan artist is still highly attached to his Amazigh origins, thus dedicating his collections to the Berber woman.
“I wanted to make a statement, by showing a side from Morocco that nobody knows, and to also pay a tribute to my heritage. A tribute and respect that I plan on always keep on paying, and that on a universal level.” he relayed in an interview with Moroccan Ladies two years ago.