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Moroccan designer Abdelhanine Raouh takes part in Project Runway Middle East

Written by FDM

The second season of the hit reality TV show Project Runway in its Middle Eastern version kicked off yesterday, November 19 on MBC4. Abdelhanine Raouh is the only Moroccan to compete in this edition.

The contestants’ line up saw the participation of designer Abdelhanine Raouh, the only Moroccan to compete this year. Among 11 other fashionable and feisty contestants restricted in time, materials, and theme, Raouh will do his best to take on fashion challenges for 13 weeks and eventually win the title.

With the famous Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab heading the competition’s judging panel, the jury is composed of the Tunisian fashion icon Afef Jnifen, the Egyptian actress Yousra and a guest of honor who will be unveiled at the beginning of each week, to judge the quality and relevance of the proposed creations. A prestigious panel that will underline this second season which promises to be full of surprises.

Born in Rabat, Abdelhanine Raouh is no stranger to the Moroccan fashion scene. Since 2007, Raouh has been participating in the annual “Caftan” fashion show broadcasted in 2M TV channel, with his signature caftans defined by fluid lines and sensual cuts.

In this new challenge, the Moroccan designer will prove the extent of his talent taking on a collection of pret-a-porter and evening gowns combining elegant materials, delicate embroidery and poetic drapes. We will get to witness an entire world by the designer to take shape.

Tune in for Abdelhanine Raouh’s new challenge each Sunday on MBC4.