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Moroccan caftan shines at Bangkok Fashion Week

Written by FDM

The Moroccan caftan has once again made an appearance overseas and caused quite a sensation. This time it was on November 25 during Fashion Week in Bangkok which celebrates the 7th edition of “Thai Silk Road”.

In Bangkok, many designers and stylists from 25 countries came to present their creations, including Moroccan caftans, during Fashion Week, this international event honoring the prestigious Thai silk. Indeed,  Moroccan stylist El Batoul Cain Allah was the one to put the caftan in the spotlight. The centerpiece of her collection was worn by the wife of Morocco’s Ambassador to Bangkok, Mrs. El Housni Akiko.

A show accompanied by projection of images and sounds on Morocco. This caftan, with burgundy and emerald green colors, reminiscent of the national colors, is a perfect illustration of the possible and successful combination between the Moroccan caftan and the famous Thai silk, enhanced by a fine embroidery set with precious stones. A creation that could only seduce the public including many professionals of haute couture and fine silk experts.

This fashion event organized as part of  Queen Siriki’s birthday celebrations, king  Rama X’s mother, was also marked by the presentation of other beautiful creations which inevitably attracted many personalities from the worlds of politics, arts and business.