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Lindsay Lohan spotted with a hijab at London Modest Fashion Week

Written by FDM

Lindsay Lohan continues to spark speculations about her relationship with Islam, by attending the inaugural modest fashion week in London wearing a hijab and all-halal cosmetics on her face.

This year, the two-days event showcasing the latest styles in Hijabs, abayas and long hemlines welcomed a very special guest of honor among its attendees. It was none other than American actress Lindsay Lohan. Warmly welcomed by Haute Elan, the fashion house behind the event, Lindsay was seen mingling with guests and trying out several brands.

The Mean Girls star however caught everybody’s attention for wearing a headpiece to match the theme of the event. Letting a glimpse of her trademark hair poke through, the scarf perfectly framed her pretty face.

Hawa Cosmetics, a halal make-up company, posted a picture of Lohan visiting its stall saying ‘She was so lovely and was saying how she’s into halal cosmetics and what she’s actually wearing on her face today was all halal!!’

الحمد لله it was a great event 🙏🏻

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Lohan, who has expressed an interest in Islam and modest fashion, was spotted wearing a burkini in Thailand last year. In January, Lindsay deleted all the pictures on her Instagram account and changed her bio to ‘Alaikum salam.’