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Leila Hadioui is the national “Cristina Cordula” in the Moroccan version of “Les Reines du Shopping”

Written by FDM

The Moroccan version of the renowned French Tv show “Les Reines du shopping” (Shopping Queens), arrives on 2M under the name of “Sayidate shopping”. Stylist, actress, and model, Leila Hadioui will take up the role of Cristina Cordula.

“Sayidate shopping” with Leila Hadioui is the new ‘it’ show on 2M channel. For four weeks, the show follows four women passionate about shopping. From Monday to Friday, a 4 mins video capsule will be broadcasted showcasing information about the candidates: their favorite outfits, the most beautiful pieces of their dressing room, shoes, accessories, and makeup techniques.

Each Saturday for instance, there will be a weekly 50 minutes-contest. The candidates will have to rush into the stores to shop the best look in a time span of three hours. There will a different theme imposed each week, with a limited budget.

After shopping, the showcase! The candidate of the week will present herself in front of her opponents who judge her and give her a score out of 10.  At the end of four weeks of competitions, Leila Hadioui will come in person to comment on the choice of outfits and makeup, before attributing scores to each one of them that will upset the ranking! The reward is a check for MAD 10,000 for the “Sayidate shopping” (Shopping Queen) and an irresistible fashion moment!