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Kösem is the Moroccan brand to revisit the Fez

Written by FDM

The Fez or ‘Tarbooch’ is an essential item of the Moroccan traditional outfit, yet no one has ever though about re-innovating in its production, until Kösem came out.

Indeed, get ready to welcome a new version of tarbooch, away from the traditional red one, because the new brand  Kösem chose to revisit the modern fez by giving it a new breath with flashy colors and surprising compositions. Without forgetting the tassel attached to the top, of course.

Launched by two young people from Rabat, Sara Hatimi who is a pharmacist by training, also an art lover, and Ali Sbaibi, a graduate in economics and a fashion enthusiast, this new brand of fez celebrates creativity and audacity in which colors and genres are mixed. The material ranges from sequins to crocodile leather and colors from pastel pink to electric orange…  And the results are incredibly eccentric … in a good way.

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