Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid banned from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in China

Written by FDM

The two mega stars were set to be present at the annual show organized by the famous lingerie brand. But Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid were reportedly blocked from entering China .

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai was down two high profile celebrities. American pop star Katy Perry and Supermodel Gigi Hadid were denied entry to China.

According to Page Six, The communist government took issue with a sunflower bright, glittery dress Perry wore during a performance in Taiwan, which later went viral and caused outrage as the sunflower had been adopted the year before by anti-China protesters.

“She was initially granted a visa to perform at the VS show in Shanghai, then Chinese officials changed their minds and yanked her visa,” a source explained.

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid was reportedly banned for a controversial Instagram video in which she’s seen imitating a biscuit shaped like Buddha while squinting her eyes.

A source told Page six that “For every artist who wants to perform in China, officials comb through their social-media and press reports to see if they have done anything deemed to be offensive to the country.”