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Ito, the online eyewear startup is coming to Casablanca

Written by FDM

After developing a strong community on Instagram, ITO, the online eyewear startup is opening its first store on Maarif (across the street from McDonald’s) Monday, 21st September.

“Trying the glasses virtually on Instagram was not enough. We listened to our community, and we decided to have them try them on for real,” says Mehdi Mkinsi, founder of ito.

The new pop-up store is an entirely blue capsule, that takes us into a different universe, with super fun and instagrammable experience. “With Covid-19 everything is changing, and I believe that the future of brands lies at the intersection of digital and reality,” Mehdi thinks “and that’s what we did in our pop-up store”.

ito launched exclusively online 3 months ago. They’re designed and manufactured high-quality glasses, are available between 550 and 1050 dhs, correction included, instead of the 4000 dhs currently available in store.

For more designs, check out their Instagram .