Hervé Renard rocks a djellaba and Moroccans are thrilled 

Written by FDM

In light of the Renaissance-Generation foot match held in Berkane on April 18, french football coach honored the traditional Moroccan attire.

After attending the match, Hervé Renard took some time to tour Saidia. While enjoying his stay, the coach was spotted wearing a jellaba and posing for a picture in a stall of traditional products of the seaside resort of Saidia.

On Twitter, Internet users took pleasure in this new style: “Hervé Renard rocks!”; “He is Moroccan now!” “What a beautiful smile, such a humble person, thank you Hervé.”

The 49-year-old coach recently posed on the cover of Moroccan magazine Hola with his wife, Vivane Dièye, claiming his love of the African continent and Morocco in particular.

“In Africa I feel free. This continent brings me exceptional recognition, I don’t think I can live anywhere else,” he said to Hola!.