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Hassan Hajjaj shoots three Arab ladies legends for Vogue Arabia’s third anniversary

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Vogue Arabia celebrated its third anniversary with three covers of the Middle east “most iconic leading ladies star” shot by none other than Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj.

It’s an Arabian celebration with a Moroccan touch. Indeed, to mark Vogue Arabia’s third anniversary, Manuel Arnaut, Editor-in-Chief wanted to portray a joyful representation of famous women from the region


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It’s our party! Celebrating our third year anniversary in true Vogue Arabia fashion, this month, some of the region’s most iconic leading ladies star on collectable covers shot by Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj. Syrian diva Assala Nasri (@assala_official) joins our celebration, proving to be stronger than ever after her recent divorce. “When something bad happens in my life, I will exert more effort and become more resilient. I am a rebellious and genuine woman who hates failure,” she says. Click the link in bio to find out all about our third anniversary issue and stay tuned for cover 2 of 3. #VogueArabiaTurns3 #BuyArabDesigners هيا نحتفل! نحتفل معكم بعيدنا السنوي الثالث على طريقتنا الخاصة، حيث نصدر عدد مارس 2020 الخاص جداً من ڤوغ العربية بعدة أغلفة مبتكرة تزيّنها باقة من أشهر الشخصيات النسائية العربية، بعدسة المصور المغربي المبدع حسن حجاج. وتنضم إلينا في هذا العدد الاحتفالي نجمة الغناء العربي أصالة نصري، لتثبت عملياً أنها باتت أكثر قوة مما كانت عليه قبل طلاقها، حيث تقول: “فور شعوري بظرفٍ سيء يداهم حياتي يتضاعف مجهودي وتكبر عزيمتي. أنا امرأة متمرّدة ولا أحب الخذلان”. تفضلوا بالضغط على الرابط في البايو لتتعرفوا أكثر إلى عددنا الجديد، وترقبوا الكشف عن الغلافين الثاني والثالث. #العيد_الثالث_لڤوغ_العربية #شراء_التصاميم_العربية Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut | Photography: @hassanhajjaj_larache | Style: @katieellentrotter and @lisajarvis_stylist | Hair: @hairbysadek | Makeup: @jofrostmakeup | Art Accomplice: @ebonheath | Production: and @1001prodsmarrakech | Interview: @nadineelchaer

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He “Decided to highlight the impact that Vogue Arabia has had in the Middle East over the last three years with a joyous and fun representation of the region’s incredible women,” read an article on the magazine’s website.

What better way to represent joy and freshness than on the backdrop of a colorful set like the one of Hassan Hajjaj’s riad in Marrakech? Renowned for his Andy Warhol-like touch, Hajjaj helped set a vibrant scene for the three A-list ladies: Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, Assala Nasri, and Yousra.

“What each of these women is doing is iconic,” Hajjaj told Vogue Arabia during the shoot. “They are formidable and it’s been so great capturing them.”

This is Hajjaj’s second project of the year with the Vogue franchise, as he shot Billie Eilish for the March 2020 issue of the American Vogue.