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Givenchy still holds on to its Zellij-patterned couture

Written by Souad El Mghari

Givenchy is no stranger to the trendy mosaic inspired prints. For his latest couture designs, the brand’s creative director Ricardo Tisci gave us high fashion envy, with a couple of zellij-patterned gowns that we will probably get to see walk a red carpet.

Ricardo Tisci surprised us all recently with a premature couture show in the midst of this season’s Men Fashion Week in Paris. Not that this is the first time that Givenchy’s designer pulls such a beautiful stunt, but everyone was glad to see those 12 gowns walk down the runway.

Inspired by a book about the obsessions of certain kids in Africa about Western cultural phenomena; such as cowboys and heavy metal, Tisci blended that idea with different influences he brought back from his recent travels to Morocco and Berlin, and ended up creating a diverse and unique Menswear collection.

However, those inspirations poured somehow into the latest Givenchy couture creations (that walked the same runway), and resulted in some fabulous gowns, especially these two (below) that caught our attention, and whose Moroccan inspiration was the most obvious; with their Zellij pattern.