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Faced with the controversy, Decathlon gives up marketing its sports hijab

Written by FDM

Decathlon has announced, Tuesday evening, its renouncement on marketing ‘Running Hijab’ in France, following the controversy.

“We are making a decision in full responsibility on Tuesday night, not to market, for the time being, this product in France,” said Xavier Rivoire, director of communication of the sports brand, Tuesday night on RTL. Earlier in the day, Xavier Rivoire has claimed to AFP of assuming responsibility for “making sport accessible to all women in the world.”

Already on sale in Moroccan stores, ‘Running Hijab’ Kalenji was supposed to drop in the French markets in the coming weeks. “The backlash has made us reflect on the possibility to put the product out elsewhere than in Morocco, had added Rivoire, emphasizing that “this headgear leaves the face free and visible”.

Head of jogging at Kalenji, the running range of the brand, Angélique Thibault, who designed the “Hijab Kalenji”, said that she was “driven by the desire that every woman can run in every neighborhood, in every city, in each country, regardless of her athletic level, her morphology, her budget. And regardless of her culture “.

“The intangible desire of Decathlon is precisely to make sport accessible to all. And this emancipation through movement, the practice of physical activity we have offered to these Moroccan sports, “Xavier Rivoire added on RTL.

Note that the announcement of the marketing of this sports “hijab” aroused a sharp controversy in France on Tuesday.