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« Espahajj », the new comfortable shoe adapted to pilgrimage to Mecca

Written by FDM

The hajj season is arround the corner and the pilgrims have already begun their preparations. That’s why a French-Moroccan couple decided to make a shoe addapted to this season.

Hajj, which begins on Wednesday August 30th, requires a lot of endurance with hours of walk awaiting pilgrims in a hot and dry climate. This is where Espahajj, a new model of shoes created by a French-Moroccan couple, comes in handy to help them accomplish the fifth pillar of Islam while gaining in comfort.

During the pilgrimage, men must cover themselves according to the rules of the state of sanctity (ihram) which requires wearing a non-stitched outfit: two pieces of white cloth (one for the upper body and one for the lower) and sandals. Thus, « Espahajj » has the peculiarity of being made without any needle touching it, making it a shoe that conforms to these rules.

« My father-in-law  comes back with a pain in his feet every time he goes to the hajj, and as this year he will be there we thought of a shoe that is comfortable enough while respecting the codes of Islam, « says Malik Disa, co-founder of Espahajj.

After having toured Casablanca and visited several shoe manufacturing shops to make sure the product is entirely made in Morocco, they quickly set up a project that now employs 40 people. In just two months, the prototype has already been validated for launching the website on July 27th.

Being a handmade product, seamless and made out of leather, the shoe has already seduced many Bangladeshis and Pakistanis who have already ordered several pairs. While the sales have not yet taken off in the Maghreb yet, 50 shoes have already been sold thanks to a free delivery service all over the world.