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Drones replace mannequins on runway in Saudi fashion show

Written by FDM

A new video has become viral sensation on social media for featuring a strange fashion show in a Saudi Arabian luxury hotel in Jeddah.

Visitors to a fashion show, held this week in Jeddah, witnessed a rather unusual show. Organizers of the show chose to use drones instead of models to present the new collections of women’s fashion houses.

The show in question is part of an exhibition which takes place every year at Hilton hotel in Ramadan. The exhibition company decided to use drones this year instead of mannequins “to bring a change,” a spokesman person for the event told CNN .

The result? Dresses, abayas and bags hanging on (very noisy) drones flutter above the podium under the amazed eyes of visitors.

The unusual event quickly reached social networks, where Internet users seemed to be divided between astonishment and indignation. While some people oppose the idea of replacing women with drones, many enjoy these unusual images, comparing the event to a parade of ghosts.