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Designer Yassine Morabite Signs Amazigh Inspired Collection For “Les Anges” Reality TV Show

Written by FDM

Moroccan designer Yassine Morabite, was invited to collaborate with the French reality show “Les Anges” for its 11th season, of which the first part, entitled “On the road to adventure!” , takes place in Marrakech.

After collaborating with the Moroccan rapper Don Bigg for the song “Psycho Wrecking”, and the American singer KatDeluna , the talented designer Yassine Morabite is asked to add his touches to the 11th season “Les Anges” which takes place in Marrakech.

Broadcasted since February 4 on NRJ 12, the show has seen the participation of some Moroccan personalities, including the host, model and stylist Leila Haddioui. “For me it was a challenge. I told myself that if I had to collaborate with a French reality TV show, I had to do it through creations bearing a typical Moroccan stamp,” he told Huffpost Maroc.

The artist decided to put aside his capsule collection “Do You Remember”, featuring Manga heroes who marked his childhood, as Goldorak, “Captain Majid” (Arabic version of “Captain Tsubasa”), to invest time in emblematic pieces of “Amazigh Power” and “No Signal” collections, with purely Moroccan influences.

The concept of the shoot planted: Marrakchi terrace, Berber carpet in boucharouite, palm trees and blue sky… The beautiful brunette Céline Morel (participant in the show) poses alongside two Moroccan models, Selma Al Kerroumi and Samir Najmi, in front of photographer Kamal Aït.

Along with ethnic jewelry, “these are pieces conceived as part of the ‘Amazigh Power’ collection. I chose to dress Celine and the fellow models with bombers, boleros and head accessories in new colors. All materials are inspired by the Amazigh culture, like the fabrics of carpets adorned with sequins,” the designer told Huffpost Maroc.

The pieces were not exclusively designed for the show, since the fans are able to shop them from the designer, or at Riad El Fenn shop.