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Death of a Moroccan haute couture emblematic figure: Fadilah Berrada

Written by FDM

Renowned Moroccan fashion designer Fadilah Berrada, emblematic figure of Moroccan traditional high-fashion, died on Tuesday, December 12.

Fadilah Berrada was unanimously appreciated in the world of Moroccan fashion for both her beautiful soul and her creations.

Fadilah Berrada had a unique claw that cuts through the clutter. The famous Moroccan designer  was one of the firsts to have « refreshed » Moroccan fashion by revisiting the caftan, while retaining its authenticity. Mostly staying true to classic cuts, she worked a lot with embroidery.

« Since 1996, I use a lot of embroidery by hand. The old embroidery remained present in the summer collection. You have to know how to keep it. That said, avoid too much embroidery, otherwise it becomes linen ,  » she once relayed to Aujourd’hui le Maroc newspaper, in July 2010.

Since 1994, she has been channeling traditional fashion shows that were very well attended. From shows at Safir Hotel to Caftan by Femmes Du Maroc, Fadilah Berrada leaves behind collections that reflect the traditional Moroccan haute couture having always aroused great admiration.