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Controversial “anti-nudity” campaign #Be-a-man hits Morocco

Written by FDM

Summer is back and so are the light outfits. A thing that seems to bother a groupe of people.

It is particularly the case of some Internet users who have decided to forbid their daughters and wives to dress freely, and who launched a social networks campaign to encourage as many to do the same.

Posted on Facebook via a Moroccan pro-Islamic banks and pro- niqab page (integral veil), this message asking men to force women to cover themselves, and supported by the hashtag كن_رجلا # (Be a man), was shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook since July 9th as reported by the Huffpost Morocco.

Other similar posts are shared with slightly different injunctions, like this one: “Be a man and do not let’ your ‘ women and ‘your’ girls go out in tight, sticky, provocative clothes. ”

A campaign of the same motive was reportedly launched under the same name in Algeria in 2015, the campaign “كن_رجلا #”, “be a man”, had went viral and made headlines in both local and international media.

Though the initiative was hailed and welcomed by the Islamosphere, it left individual freedoms activists indignant on social networks of this ‘sexist’, ‘paternalistic’ and ‘retrograde’ message.