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These celebrities are growing older with style 

Written by FDM

They are glamorous, elegant, some very sexy … and they are over 50 years old. These celebrities prove that time is their best ally. They are on top of their game despite the passing time and are even more beautiful. They age with grace and elegance and make a sensation at each of their appearances.


Jane Fonda, Scared of nothing!

If you look at this incredible woman, it’s hard to believe she’s over 80 years old. It seems that time has no power over her. She looks just as sublime as she was 20 years ago if not more. Off shoulders and Ripped jeans are part of her wardrobe, she never allowed herself to miss trends. As a real fashion beast, she styles looks as she sees fit: Overall, plunging neckline, pink Barbie, it takes much more to scare her!


Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen has her style

True color-block fan, it is said that the queen wears colorful outfits to be seen from afar … Thus, of color, the queen has made her trademark.  She dares all the eccentricities regarding her looks. Printed patterns, wacky hats … Nothing stops her! At 92, Elizabeth II has imposed an inimitable style with bright colors and matching hat, not to mention the little handbag that never leaves her her hand. She is the only person in the world to dress this way, which makes her instantly recognizable.

Celine Dion, From kitsch diva to It-girl

Celine Dion is no longer the same as before. More stylish than ever, the 50-year-old singer shines and seems determined to show her audience a whole new facet of her personality. The diva has for some time shaken the fashion-sphere, and was even elected “it-girl of the year”. Picking from a versatile wardrobe and borrowing some of the most popular brands’ favorite pieces, Celine Dion gives us a real lesson in style!

Sharon Stone, Sexy she was, sexy she will stay!

A true sex symbol since her daring scene in Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone has lost none of her youthful charms. On the contrary, at 60, she is more sensual than ever. Having no envious feeling towards the younger generation regarding the physique, Sharon Stone often has fun flooding social networks with looks that are different and sexy. Way to prove the world that her body is still as hot as ever.

Kris Jenner, A look worthy of Kardashians

At 62, Kris Jenner is sexier than ever! The Kardashian clan’s Mama leads the way for her daughters in short and sexy outfits. No way for her to opt for a wiser wardrobe. Addicted to plunging necklines and short skirts, she likes to show off her young girl’s figure. And while she is proud of her daughters’ success, Kris Jenner is not ready to be eclipsed by them.

Julia Roberts, Charm and simplicity

Devastating smile, big laughing eyes and fiery hair not to mention her pretty figure, Julia Roberts continues to mark the spirits with her talent and her exceptional beauty. In addition to being oh so charming, seductive and so on, the actress, 51, also has, discreetly, enough to give us some lessons in style. Fan of a classic look, even casual, Julia is a great lover of simplicity. A natural style that suits her so well.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Fashion in the skin

At 50, the actress who seduced Manhattan with her ultra trendy looks continues to charm the world. The fashion icon with a dream-like dressing makes the girls pale with envy. On the red carpet as wall as in the street, her looks are always avant-garde. Dancing the mix and match before everyone else did, her looks did not take a single wrinkle.

Demi Moore, The eternal teenager

At 55, Demi Moore seems more sublime than at 20, the actress barely seems to be living a second youth. She is not only one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities, but also a fashion icon. Boyfriend Jeans, tight dresses and high heels are her trademark. She sometimes even looks like a teenager. But she feels especially flattered when she is confused with her daughter.

Halle Berry, A sexy amazon look

It must be said that age does not seem to have a hold on Halle Berry. Her tonic body and her face spared by wrinkles are the proof. The former James Bond Girl still embodies sensuality and it is not in her fifties that it will stop. Look-wise, Halle Berry also knows how to nail it. Smooth or ruffled hair, in evening gown or more casual, the beautiful American never commits a fashion faux pas. everything just suits her!

By Sanaa Grirane.
Article initially published in Femmes Du Maroc magazine, October 2018 issue.