Fashion News, the avant-garde diamond!

Written by FDM

Calirra, a certified diamond specialist, arrives in Morocco to shake up traditions and democratize access to diamonds!

Exceptional diamonds, at the direct price of the stock market, without the margins of intermediaries! This is the formula that Calirra, the brand created by the Moroccan Youcef Mezzour, proposes.

Graduate of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in engineering and architecture, Youcef Mezzour put to use his artistic touch in the realization of custom-made and timeless jewelry. Thus, he associated his image with several Italian and Russian designers for the creation of trendy and timeless jewels. is based on one of the most successful business models. It offers the opportunity to acquire diamonds, at the most competitive prices on the market: from the selection of crude, through the size of diamonds and their certification, the diamond is involved throughout the chain. Armed with the best suppliers in the world and working only on order and with a tight flow, Calirra saves a lot of money for the final customer.

“Our affiliation to international diamond exchanges and the practice of low margins on our large sales volumes, guarantees our customers prices up to 70% cheaper than the competition, for a diamond of equal quality, or often higher” explains Youcef Mezzour, founding president of Calirra.

In order to get closer to the customer, Calirra opened the first Web-room of Morocco and Africa in Rabat. A fully digital showroom that offers a unique customer experience. Since Calirra’s DNA is online, it innovates and is revamped with a brand new website that allows the customer to take matters in hands.