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« BY RFM Les Chieuses », the clothing line challenging street harassment in Morocco

Written by FDM

Moroccan artist and activist  Rabia Franoux Moukhlesse decided to launch a line of T-shirts to fight against street harassment, by displaying written messages on  her clothes.

According to the Huffpost Morocco, Rabia Franoux Moukhlesse has first gotten the idea of this line upon her return to Morocco, after several years spent in France. The artist finds a society very different from the one she had left. « In 1999, I went out in the street in shorts and no one spoke to me, except for some heavyy womanizers, » she told the same outlet.

She said she was shocked by the men’s reactions on the streets when young women were passing by, explaining that this is the situation that had pushed to react. Rabia Franoux Moukhlesse then decided to create « BY RFM Les Chieuses » (her initials), a message t-shirt line that was recently released. »I know that many women are afraid to respond, and that’s what this t-shirt is all about: allowing them to react without even having to talk, » she says.

For her first sales, Rabia is partnering with the ESPOD association, a « factor in the economic promotion of women and the development of women entrepreneurship in Morocco, » she said in a statement. A first experience that meets a great success with visitors, reports the designer.

And that’s not all for Rabia Moukhlesse Franoux as she aspires to create a line of swimsuits and underpants for next summer.