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#Be_a_woman: Moroccan women respond

Written by FDM

As expected, a response to the controversial viral hashtag #Be-a-man quickly made its way to the front page. Women have had enough and they’re making it clear.

Who would have thought that a simple obscurantist hashtag was going to create such a fuss?  Since July 9, hashtags of a campaign have been making the rounds on social networks calling on men to force their female relatives to cover up at the beach.

In response, women took to their social accounts to claim their freedom and condemn this type of “misogynist” and “sexist” campaign. With the hashtag #soisunefemme (Be a woman), Moroccan women express their resentment against a situation that has become widespread on the beaches and in the public space in general.

Widely shared, ‘Be a woman’ hashtag has become viral over the weekend, and for a good reason: the campaign calls on women to be strong and to fight discrimination based on gender, and the least we can say is that women and some men were many to join the movement. Photos of Moroccan  women of another era were widely retweeted while some women chose to post photos of themselves in bikinis.


Publiée par Leila Hadioui officiel sur Vendredi 20 juillet 2018


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Another shut 📷 @myriemhimmich Dress 👗 @trendylab_ma • • #ladyinred💋#soisunefemme Ce blog est avant tout une histoire de passion ❤️ ,de partage et de générosité avec vous mes chéries ❤️ Je suis une femme marocaine , musulmane, épouse, maman , instruite,active, contribuant et participant au foyer familial … Et je suis choquée par ce nouveau slogan de #KOUNRAJAL Nous femmes et mères devons protéger nos droits élémentaires au respect et la liberté de nous habiller comme on le souhaite de nous exprimer en tant que citoyenne marocaine. J’aime mon pays et je souhaite qu’on puisse y vivre dans la tolérance et en acceptant la différence 🙏 Ps : j’ai beaucoup hésité avant de partager avec vous mon opinion …mais je pense que c’est un devoir en tant que femme de nous battre pour préserver nos libertés 💪🏻 #lovemycountry#soisunefemme#proudlymoroccan🇲🇦

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