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Balenciaga’s new absurd T-shirt Shirt sends the internet into a frenzy

Written by FDM

Balenciaga is back at it again. The Luxury designer brand is selling a men’s “T-shirt Shirt” that is a shirt sewn on top of a shirt. It’s selling for $1,290.

Though it is not the most logical, there is an advantage to this rather bizarre creation. The shirt offers two wearing options, according to the product details: “wear the short sleeves shirt with front drape effect or the long sleeves shirt with back drape effect.”

For a casual style, one could opt for the T-shirt. For something more formal, Balenciaga offers men two collared shirts sewn together. The “Double Shirt,” a short and long-sleeve shirt, comes in navy white with a “back round pleat.” There is also a sibling in the spring women’s collection which costs a crazy amount of $1,690 (MAD 16,042). It’s made in Italy and beware, it’s hand-wash, or dry clean-only!

Over a year ago, the french house remade a leather version of the classic Ikea Frakta shopper that cost $2,145 (MAD 18,790), instead of the original’s 99 cents. The internet went wild about fashion excess but then the bag then sold quickly. And In January 2018, the brand had revived a kitsch shirt, straight out of the 2000s. Thanks to them, the dragon shirt made its comeback for a striking $1,628 (MAD15,456).