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Balenciaga sells Moroccan-inspired leather slippers for MAD 5137  

Written by FDM

Balenciaga has once again surprised the public by introducing the Square Toe Leather Mules that look just like Moroccan leather slippers, but only (a lot) pricier.

There are countless high-fashion items that have been the subject of mockery or have at least raised a wave of misunderstanding among Internet users. The French luxury brand Balenciaga has become an expert in the art of putting out such creations as shown by their last two collaborations with Crocs, which resulted in the compensated shoe and the stiletto heel.

Again, and especially Moroccan social media were surprised by Balenciaga’s choice to put out an expensive and luxurious version of the traditional Moroccan slipper, also known as “babouches” in French and “balgha” in Moroccan.

These babouches look-alike, which initially cost only between MAD 50 and 60, are sold on its website for MAD 5,137. The much-wanted shoe is already out of stock!

Moroccan social media users have slammed Balenciaga, accusing the French enterprise of a “scam” and “cultural appropriation,” mocking their lack of imagination. Other users have pointed out a kind of resemblance to McDonald’s fries packet.

One thing is for sure, if only Balenciaga’s faithful buyers discover our souks and bazaars, they would certainly be tempted to opt for our Moroccan leather slippers instead…