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BabyFist, the Palestinian brand of clothing challenging street harassment 

Written by FDM

The words “Not your habibti! ” on the back of a piece of clothing is sure to intrigue everyone passing by it. The aim of Yasmeen Mjalli, 22-year-old American-Palestinian designer, being to spread the powerful message.

“Not your habibti! Is the slogan of BabyFist, the clothing brand made in Palestine, launched by Yasmeen Mjalli. A message in Arabic and English printed on T-shirts, embroidered on denim jackets or woven on canvas bags to empower Palestinian women acing unwelcome male attention in public.

“When a woman is exposed to so much harassment on the street, she begins to dress to protect herself, to hide herself as opposed to expressing herself,” the 22-year-old art history graduate told FahsionNetwork, leaning against the counter of her shop in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.


And this is not the only phrase inscribed by Hassan Shehada’s workshop in Gaza. According to same source, We can also read “Every rose has its revolution” or “The voice of women moves the mountain”. In short, well said!

Yasmeen Mjalli also organizes free workshops in her shop as well as in the public space where she sometimes brings a typewriter. The young woman struggles to offer the passersby a place to vent freely. Another gesture:  10% of proceeds are donated to a local association supporting women and projects, one of which informs Palestinian girls of their rules – a subject that is still taboo – through the intervention of a doctor and volunteers in schools.