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Amazigh Power and No signal are the newest capsule collections by Yassine Morabite

Written by FDM

After a hiatus of several years, Moroccan artist and designer, Yassine Morabite, comes back with the release of two capsule collections of which inspiration was drawn from his imagination and environment.

According to Plurielle, who first announced his comeback, the first collection dubbed Amazigh Power refers to the different struggles and challenges that Amazigh identity has to face to fight against oblivion and denial. And No Signal , the second, tells a story of a sporty outfit belonging to a dream country equally craved by young and old people.

To sketch his first collection, Yassine Morabite drew inspiration from the legends and the heroes who filled his childhood dreams,  such as Goldorak or the Power Rangers. “I saw and I imagined the heroes of these series donning traditional Arab, Amazigh, African clothes … I found pleasure  bringing  this virtual world that I watched on television, to my reality, my culture.” Yassine told Plurielle.

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While Amazigh power is more of a time-honored collection, No Signal is the most open to the world. As the designer chose the Hockey outfit, one of the most famous symbols of American culture, to show the connection between our cultures despite our differences. He also made sure to respect the structure of this iconic outfit, while  scattering words and messages to transmit, through colors and patterns.

Under the nickname By Nbel , the artist created his brand of clothing in 2010. A true source of inspiration, his creations represent an essential in the world of Moroccan street wear. Today his style is assertive and his works of extreme brilliancy blend traditional drawing and modernity, with cultural and ethnic influences.