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Amaz launches a new ethical and responsible collection

Written by FDM

Amaz sneakers team up with the Koun brand to launch the Mika Boucharouite and K7 collection, made from plastic waste and fabric scraps. Original, elegant and 100% green!


These are two pairs of shoes that we would be proud to wear! Their name: Mika Boucharouite and K7, two models born from the collaboration of two ethical brands: Amaz and Koun.

The first, Amaz is managed by Fadela Bennani who launched it to highlight Moroccan crafts while having an eco-conscious design – a portion of the profits is donated to the NGO Education For All, committed to educating girls in Amazigh villages – and advocating the plastic zero. Indeed, each pair is packed in a reusable fabric Tote Bag.
It was therefore entirely logical for Fadela Bennani to get closer to the Koun brand initiated by the social integration company Ressourc’In which carries the same values. In fact, it manufactures products and other objets d’art from collected waste (fabrics, plastics, paper and cardboard) and trains young people from the neighborhoods of Casablanca. In other words, it gives them a second chance to have a future. Thus, in their weaving, plastic and paper workshops, the young people, now self-employed, give life to recycled waste.
What Mika Boucharouite? The sneakers are made of woven plastic wrap and denim drops, and colorful cloth falls for the back in boucharouite (traditional carpet weaving technique). As for the K7 pair, it was made from audio cassette tapes and woven fabric scrap into durable, waterproof, non-soilable and comfortable models thanks to the cotton inner lining.
Through this collaboration, the Moroccan brand Amaz combines upcycling with the professional integration and employment of young people, especially girls in difficult circumstances to promote their reintegration. In short, we love it! And you ?