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Abla Sofy is the new muse of Rafinity

Written by FDM

Rafinity celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019, and for the occasion, the jewelry brand unveils its new trends and fashion as well as the 2019 face of the brand which is none other than the beautiful Abla Sofy.

Fashion model, actress and stylist, Abla Sofy is the new face of Rafinity. Renowned for her successful collaborations with international brands and several celebrities in the world of show business, Abla Sofy is a jack of all trades that succeeds everything she undertakes. With Rafinity, the model is signing a new glamorous page in her rich career.

The new muse of Rafinity, is very popular on Instagram where she has hundreds of thousands of followers, allows an international exposure to the iconic jewelry brand. Abla Sofy’s collaboration with Rafinity also coincides with the brand’s 50th anniversary celebration, and the launch of new fashion and trend collections.

By choosing Sofy as their muse, Rafinity bets for its part on a young talented and passionate woman. And like the creations of the famous jewelry brand that caters to sublimate the Moroccan woman, Sofy will embellish with particular brilliance the fashion and trendy collections of Rafinity.