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Abdelhanine Raouh among the top 3 of “Project Runway ME” 

Written by FDM

The finals are just around the corner. Moroccan Abdelhanine Raouh has managed to reach the top 3 on the “Project Runway ME” alongside Lebanese Mikhail Chamoun and Palestinian Saher Awkal.

The winner of the show will be known next Sunday. The lastest episode of “Project Runway ME” took place in London, in the Elie Saab fashion house. The challenge was to present two evening dresses for a contemporary girl “Girl of Now”.

“The challenge was to achieve a higher level of professionalism and excellence,” said designer Elie Saab. The participants were then invited to design two exceptional outfits at London College of Fashion in 12 hours, the university that saw the most important figures in the world of fashion.

And at the end of the competition, the jury eliminated both Dana Zaman from Saudi Arabia and Zubaida Akkari from Lebanon, leaving only three  candidates.  Abdelhanine Raouh, Mikhail Chamoun and Saher Awkal who will face one another next Sunday to win the coveted title of best Arab designer.

The extraordinary talent of Abdelhanine Raouh, his determination and his creativity were thus unanimously welcomed by the jury, who were all praise of his flawless creations throughout the competition.

Make sure to tune in for the finals on Sunday February 11th, 7pm on MBC4.