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Zouhair Bahaoui talks success, fashion, and his experience in Caftan 2018

Written by Amal Asebriy

In less than two years, Zouhair Bahaoui has become a real star with a fairly large fan base in Morocco. Today the young singer is also song-writer and a composer. In this interview, he reveals the secret behind his success as well as his interest in fashion.

Being a native of Tétouane -north of Morocco- the pop star had to work twice as much for his music to reach mainstream. Thus, working on his own songs was his only route. When asked about his knowledge in music, Zouhair mentioned his father as being his mentor. “My musical background was completed thanks to the greatest schools of all, my father!”

Being a musician himself, Zouhair’s father has 40 years of experience and a lot of influence on his son. Through him, Zouhair learned to play the guitar, and the piano later on when he started to draw inspiration form American artists like Stevie Wonder.

When it comes to fashion, the young artist’s style is very popular among younger generations. He’s also lucky to have his fashion sharpened by his brother who is also his stylist! Therefore, partaking in Caftan 2018 was a legitimate experience and an extreme honor.

Stay tuned for his upcoming single to be released in the coming months and “is hopefully to be the hit of summer, just like my previous ‘Hasta Luego’,” he concluded.