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Zoe Saldana fights HIV in Sia’s new emotional music video

Written by FDM

The Australian singer signs a song and a clip whose profits will be donated to research against HIV.

After invading radio stations with To Be Human , her song for the soundtrack of the movie Wonder Woman, Sia comes back in a totally different way. The 41-year-old singer unveiled the music video of Free Me, her new activist song.

Free Me shows a future mom, embodied by Zoe Saldana who learns that she has HIV and that if left untreated, she may transmit the deadly virus to her child. The story of Kai is narrated by another actress, Julianne Moore.

And like every video of Sia, a choreography is a must. The dance steps performed by the star of  The Guardians of the Galaxy were devised by Ryan Heffington, same choreographer of Chandelier and Cheap Thrills.

Sia is clearly committed to the fight against HIV. This disease particularly affected her since her manager David Russel revealed in 2016 to be infected with the virus since 2012. It was his story that inspired her to write Free me. She said that all the benefits of her title would be donated to research to fight HIV. The music video (above) was published on June 8 and has already achieved its first million views milestone.