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Zineb Wassiqui obtains Morocco’s highest score in baccalaureate

Written by FDM

19.47 / 20, it is the average of Zineb Wassiqui who thus obtained the best average of the 2020 baccalaureate in Morocco.

Zineb Wassiqui scored the highest baccalaureate 2020 average in Morocco, as Le360 reported. With 19.47 / 20, Zineb Wassiqui becomes Morocco’s top student in 2020!

Schooled at the Ryad El Maarifa private high school in Rabat, Wassiqui majored in physics and chemistry science. As a reminder, this particular year had a success rate at the ordinary session of around 63.03%, against 65.55% last year, including 61.33% for the scientific branch.