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Zineb El Houari, Moroccan sports reporter appointed FIFA expert for the world cup in Russia

Written by FDM

Football is not exclusive to men, and Zineb El Houari is about to prove it. The young Moroccan journalist, based in Paris, joins the list of 32 FIFA experts to cover the journey of the Atlas Lions at the World Cup in Russia starting June 14.

As a football enthusiast, it was only natural for Zineb to accept the offer of FIFA, which, for the first time this year, has created a team of expert reporters in charge of covering the news of their respective countries during the competition.

Following her excessive tweeting in the last edition of the CAN, covering the journey of Morocco and also hosting a segment on France 24 on the matter, the talented reporter was contacted by a FIFA member who offered an opportunity to apply for World cup FIFA experts.

Six months later, the FIFA headquarters recontacted her to announce her selection. She traveled to Zurich and took multiple tests, interviews and workshops during two intense days. A meeting that resulted in the official confirmation of her hiring as an expert reporter for the Moroccan national team, under the leadership of the world body of football.

« It is a pride and an honor to follow the national team of my country, » Zineb told HuffPost Morocco. The young woman, 26, has a brilliant career to her credit in sports reporting in France and the Middle East. We could only wish her all the best in her journey!