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“Zanka bla Violence” will put you in the shoes of sexual harassment victims

Written by FDM

The Moroccan collective “Zanka bla Violence” (street without violence) has set up two workshops on sexual harassment in the street, one of which allows the spectator to feel the same sensations as the victim …

With the  International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women being around the corner, the Moroccan collective “Zanka blah Violence” (street without violence) chose to tackle the subject of sexual harassment in the street by proposing two events on November 11 and 25 at the French Institute in Rabat.

In partnership with, inter alia, UN Women, The first event, scheduled for November 11, is called ” Zanka Lab” or ” How to live, relive or feel sexual harassment in an experimental space”. Spectators of all ages are invited to live a “multi-sensory” experience through sounds, images, videos, interactive objects to question this scourge.

The second, organized on November 25, is a play for instance called Zanka Théâtre, or “How Artistic Expression Can Help Deconstruct the Social Norms That Persist Violence”. This time, the public is invited to attend a performance about violence in the street. This artistic creation combines projection of videos, readings and “forum theater”. It is based in particular on the Zanka Lab experience, but also on real testimonials.

To reach the greatest number and especially to mark the spirits, the collective decided to hit the roads on  2018 for a tour in 5 cities: Tanger, Rabat, Fès, Casablanca, Marrakech with the bus ” Spectacle for all “.

Free entry upon registration at for both events organized at the French Institute of Rabat.