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Zakya Daoud signs a biography dedicated to Abdallah Ibrahim 

Written by FDM

Zakya Daoud delivers in a fascinating biography the fate of an exceptional and largely unknown figure of Moroccan politics. In this book, Zakya Daoud tells the story of Abdallah Ibrahim, who was left-wing Prime Minister of Morocco between December 16, 1958, and May 20, 1960.

He was a man of political consciousness, integrity and dignity. Although he served for a short period of time-a year and a half- his achievements and his ambitions with his imprint have marked the Moroccan political landscape.

The thought of this intellectual man from ancestral Morocco, engaged in the struggle for independence and construction, deserves to be known and recognized. It’s with this intention that Zakya Daoud chose to wrote this book.

Zakya Daoud was around this man more than once. That’s what led her today to publish this book in which she recounts the life of Abdallah Ibrahim, from his birth till his death through his actions and interactions with other politicians.

After the termination of his duties as Prime Minister, Abdullah Ibrahim, turned to teaching as professor of political science, loved and admired by his students, to deliver analyzes of lucid relevance. With steadfastness and courage, he kept his proverbial honesty, his uncompromising morality, his radical ethic and his relative political moderation; even to attract the arguments and taunts of his detractors as his partners.

This enlightening and informative biography was completed with photographs and archival documents, donated by the Ibrahim family .

Abdallah Ibrahim. “L’histoire des rendez-vous manqués de Zakya Daoud”. Editions La Croisée des Chemins, 2018. 372 pages, 110 DH.