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Zakoura Foundation’s Listening Program for Women Suffering From Depression in Rural Areas

Written by FDM

Zakoura Foundation who’s been catering to the needs of rural populations for over 24 years, presents its pilot project “Psychological assistance in rural areas” designed in partnership with the International Federation of Psychotherapy.

The Zakoura Foundation has set up a pilot project alongside the International Federation of Psychotherapy. Initiated in 2019 for a period of 24 months, the “Psychological assistance in rural areas” project is aimed at people over 16, primarily women from the villages, the objective being to provide psychological support in rural areas.

The project thus includes free consultations and regular follow-up for the benefit of pregnant and breastfeeding women suffering from depression over 2 years as well as awareness sessions on mental health issues.

Following the first prospecting mission, the Chraaba and Ouled Taleb Said douars in the rural communes of Bouhmam and Kridid, province of Sidi Bennour, were validated for the deployment of the project. Two volunteers per douar were then appointed with the role of monitoring and supporting women who suffer from psychological problems, in particular depression, before and after childbirth, under the supervision and direction of the Federation’s medical team. – Dr. Driss Moussaoui, Dr. Shaimaâ Aroui, and Dr. Salma El Kourdi, as described by the Foundation in a press release, indicating that partnership negotiations are underway in order to extend the project to other provinces and there include training for general practitioners.