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Zakoura Foundation signs a pact to promote preschool for its 20th anniversary

Written by FDM

The Zakoura Foundation celebrated yesterday its 20 years of commitment to education and launched the Pact for Quality Preschool Education for All.

146,000 children, young people, women and adults have visited Zakoura Foundation schools since its creation in 1997. This organization has a mission: human development through the education of children, training youth and women’s empowerment in rural Morocco.

And to mark its 20 years of commitment to education for all and the start of another 20 years, the Zakoura Foundation decided to launch, on November 20, international day of children’s rights, the ” Pact for Quality Preschool Education for All “. The organization wishes to generalize preschool, highlight successful experiences while pooling efforts between the various players in the education sector.

In 20 years, the Zakoura Foundation has created several socio-educational programs and initiated innovative projects, supported by many national and international organizations as the first non-formal education schools, the program “Integrated Development of Douars”, the first Non-Formal Digital School and the National Action for the Education of Childhood in Rural Areas (ANEER).

In total, more than 22,000 children were educated in its 419 non-formal education schools. In concrete terms, “the efforts made successfully guaranteed in 2017 a primary integration rate of 100% and a success rate of entry to college of 92% for children of Zakoura schools;”

The organization also created the Zakoura Lab. It is an area of “Action Research & Development” that looks out  for innovation, while being an actor of reflection, monitoring evaluation and popularization on issues related to education.