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Zakoura Foundation: Creation of three preschools in Arbaoua

Written by FDM

The Zakoura Foundation announces the opening of three preschools as part of the Rural Education Fund (FER) and a partnership with the municipality of Arbaoua, Province of Kénitra.

Thanks to donors and contributors to the Rural Education Fund (FER) and following a partnership agreement with the municipality of Arbaoua which carried out match funding, three preschools were 100% funded for a period of 24 months, as presented by the Zakoura Foundation in a press release. Six educators were recruited and trained to run the program. The schools located in Arbaoua Center and in the Frakna and Drissa douars have already welcomed their small beneficiaries. By the end of the first two years, more than 225 children will have benefited from the preschool program and a skills-building program will also have been provided to local associations. The participation of the municipality of Arbaoua is part of a pilot project for the development of partnerships with local authorities as part of the preschool effort in rural areas following His Majesty’s High Royal Guidance, continues the organization.

Created in 2018, the FER appeals to the generosity and mobilization of citizens and businesses around a sustainable collective project: “quality education for all” with the aim of participatory financing of educational projects in areas with strong need, explains the Zakoura Foundation in a press release. Initially dedicated to supporting the extension of preschool in the most remote areas of the Kingdom, the FER will, in the long term, finance pilot and innovative projects. During this first phase, companies and private donors contributed to this preschool effort through various financial contributions by check, transfer, or online donation on the secure platform