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Zainab Afailal sings “Adha Attanaî”, a sublime Gharnati song

Written by FDM

Those who know Zainab Afailal, the guardian of the legacy of noble Andalusia, can only be captivated by her sublime voice singing “Adha Attanaî” (The distance separates us) from the great Andalusian poet of Cordoba, Ibn Zaydoun. The composition is signed by the famous Nabil Benabdeljalil.

“Love, reproach, and hope for peace in these words so refined which send us back to all the splendor and refinement of Muslim Andalusia” are at the heart of the work composed by the famous Moroccan composer Nabil Benabdeljalil, as he emphasizes in an interview with ALM.

“As a composer, it is through the “gharnati” that I found the natural gateway to our modernity, with the pledges it imposes in terms of harmony, polyphony, and instrumentation”, he said.

The choice of Zainab Afailal, a young Andalusian music diva, was made quite naturally because the composer confided “it is in the sublime voice and in the person of Zainab Afailal that I found the ideal partner in terms of professional mastery and conviction through work ”.

The work, whose recording took place at the Maroc studio, was attended by the Zakharif ensemble, with the artists Mustapha Adli (saxophone), Rachid Abou al-Fath (banjo) and Abdellilah Zniber (tar). Nabil Benabdeljalil for his part at the piano.

As a reminder, Adha Attanaî ”(The distance separates us) is a poem composed by Ibn Zaydoun for his beloved Wallada.