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The Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech Museum pays tribute to the collector Bert Flint

Written by FDM

Until May 30, 2021, the Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech Museum is presenting an exhibition on Bert Flint, the collector, and enthusiast of Moroccan popular arts.

“Bert Flint is a passionate observer, who has been able to measure, through his proximity to the various Moroccan and sub-Saharan cultures, their paradigmatic character”, as described by Mouna Mekouar, curator of the exhibition and Marie-Christine Lebascle associate curator, in a press release, presenting the Bert Flint exhibition at the Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech Museum to be discovered until May 30, 2021.

On display, more than 200 works from his personal collection, demonstrating the diversity and richness of rural and Berber traditions. “This exhibition is also part of a long history of friendship, admiration, and collaboration between the Fondation Jardin Majorelle and Bert Flint,” they continue. Conceived as a vast visual poem, the exhibition follows Bert Flint’s approach, favoring a formal language. Basketry, pottery, ornaments, amulets, textiles, and leather goods together draw a landscape emblematic of his thought and his gaze on these territories (…) Like an imaginary journey, the exhibition crosses the territories and sites going from Marrakech to Tafilalet to sub-Saharan regions, from Niger to Mauritania.