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Youtube couple lost custody of two children because of pranking videos

Written by FDM

A family lost custody of two of their children for making them subject to  ‘abusive’ prank videos on Youtube.

A new realm-the public eye- is captivating not only teens or individuals, but now families. The whole ‘share my life’ thing has become the plan to getting famous for certain people. However, some do it in a decent way, while others opt for a completely improper manner.

That is the case of the YouTube account ‘DaddyOfive » that became wildly controversial in the US during the past weeks, after posting videos where parents  pulled pranks on their kids. Basically, they would accuse one child, named Cody, of a range of bad behavior – and then punish him physically and emotionally for it.

The videos gained instant attention and millions of views, with some enjoying the stunts pulled on the kids. But they also attracted critics that described the parents as ‘Child abusive’ and judged the videos improper.

Now Rose hall, biological mother of 9-years-old Cody and his sister, says she obtained emergency custody of her children and thanked the community of Youtube for raising attention towards the channel.Having initially denied accusations by naming critics ‘haters’, the creators of the channel, which include Cody’s father and his wife, removed all the videos in question from the channel and released an apology on US TV. They said that they were unaware of their bad parenting decisions and that they were now in  » Family counseling » because they « need it ».

Here is a video by YouTube star Philip DeFranco, who released a video editing some of the more horrifying clips together.