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Youth in all its states at Café Politis monthly meeting

Written by FDM

Café Politis organized its monthly meeting around the issue of youth and culture. On the agenda of this meeting, friendly and enriching exchanges around culture and what it represents, music and dance. The opportunity to highlight the talents and potential of our youth, but also and especially the best approach to implement a cultural policy of proximity.

“Youth in all its states … for a new cultural dynamic” was the theme of Café Politis from Wednesday, February 20 at Sqala. Around Ahmed Ghayat, initiator of the event, were distinguished guests, like Samira Sitail, Director Info 2M, Driss Khrouz, intellectual, man of culture and Director of the festival of sacred music of Fez, Laurence Levaudel Clauss Attachée de Coopération, Head of the Governance Division French Embassy, Jean-Pierre Mahoué Advisor for Cooperation and Cultural Action French Institutes of Morocco and Golda El Khoury Director UNESCO Maghreb.

“The Moroccan youth – like the youths of the world – is full of abilities, potentialities but also impatience, feelings of misunderstanding, disregard even contempt. We talk about youth (colloquia, forums, programs …) but we rarely give it the opportunity to show the different facets of its talents, to express what it feels, to express its needs, desires … culture is one of the areas where the expectations of our youth are great and the talents are many, this Café Politis proposes to offer a glimpse of what our young people know how to make in associative engagement, artistic expression, innovation, street animation, urban cultures … in front of a panel of personalities and in the presence of the public, in order to (re) launch a #Ybane cultural dynamic,” assures Ahmed Ghayat in his introductory speech of the debate.

The Politis café on February 20th has been enhanced by performances by talented artists:

The association: “Morocco the Ghedd” Anass El Belghiti
The creation: “Marc Perfor” Anas Sedjari
The dance: Ahlam and Wajdi of the troupe “Col ‘jam”
Street Animation, Music: Badr Moutaz
Writing: “Young people, screams”: Osama El Bakkali
Cultural dynamics: “Ybane”: Faysal Ziza