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YAN&ONE reveals the new music video of Nouamane Belaiachi 

Written by FDM

The Moroccan cosmetics brand YAN&ONE unveiled on July 28th, the first images of Nouamane Belaiachi’s summer music video. Produced under the supervision of the famous RedOne, the video was projected, in preview, on the outdoor promenade of Morocco Mall of Casablanca, to the delight of passers-by!

Summer rhymes with surprises! Indeed, YAN&ONE, the Moroccan brand of cosmetics, has just revealed the first images of Nouamane Belaiachi’s summer clip. A video projected exclusively on the outdoor promenade of Morocco Mall of Casablanca and at the sites of YAN&ONE in Tangier and Agadir. To produce this clip, the “Madamti” singer was surrounded by the best: RedOne and two famous American directors, namely Damian Fyffe and Anthony Kimata.

By launching its latest video for the summer of 2019, Nouamane Belaiachi decided to associate his name with YAN&ONE, a brand that brings together the best in global cosmetics, while being fully digitalized and based on the best technological solutions for the consumer.

Another surprise: the Nouamane Belaiachi video coincides with the launch, by YYAN&ONE, of a whole series of special summer special offers through its annual “Summer Beauty” event. A unique meeting that brings together all the beauty essentials of the summer season, but also bestsellers and novelties, as well as the most beautiful summer moods concocted by YAN&ONE’s make-up artists operating at the wide network level of stores that are present everywhere in Morocco!