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“Ya Sahbi” Leila’s debut single tackling taboos

A friendship-themed track isn’t a rarity, but with the ‘friend zone’ now being a common topic, seldom do we find one addressing the friendship between men and women. The band Leila, thus, cuts through the clutter with her debut single “Ya sahbi” (My friend).

In the Arab world and especially in a conservative environment the friendship between a man and a woman still does not seem natural and is subject to criticism. Leila shakes the codes in debut single.

Through their first single “Ya sahbi”, Leila reveals, on one hand, this dark side of society in which she evolves. The second dimension of this first creation of the artist sounds like a true declaration of love to this friend that we love that we cherish and with whom we share memories that forever stay in our hearts.

A sweet invitation to break taboos and celebrate friendship without gender distinctions. “Ya sahbi”  officially available on all platforms since March 29, 2019.