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World champion of Muay Thai is Moroccan

Written by FDM

Mohamed Derkaoui won the finals in his category (+ 91kg) beating the Belarusian Vladislav Sheitko, according to the MAP.

The Moroccan selection won seven medals including a gold one, two silvers and four bronze medals at the Muay Thai world championships in Minsk (Belarus).

The precious gold medal was the work of Derkaoui Mohamed (plus 91 kg) who dominated Belarusian Vladislav Sheitko while silver ones were signed by Meryem Al-Mbarik (-51 kg), who beat Thailand’s Koson Apasara, and Ilham El Bourkadi (-54 kg), who outperformed Russian Drozdova Valeriya.

Meantime, Oubahammou Anas (-63 kg), Yacoubi Khayoubi Taoufik (-91 kg), Oumayma Belouarrat (-45 kg) and Meryem Mahfoud (-48 kg) all went away with  bronze medals in their respective categories.

The Moroccan champions are very positive about the level of the tournament and the value of the competitors in the world, said Lahcen Hilali, a member of the Moroccan royal federation of kickboxing, full contact, muay thai, forms and savate,

The Moroccan selection participating in these championships consisted of seventeen elements of different weight categories including seven girls.